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Year Round Flavors:

Cake and/or Cupcakes:

Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Hummingbird, Oreo, Carrot Cake, Freedom Chocolate (V/GF)


Vanilla, Chocolate, Almond Dream (cream cheese made with almond extract), Oreo, Whipp'd Brown Sugar, Freedom Chocolate (V/GF), & Freedom Vanilla (V/GF)


Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream, Almond Dream Cream Cheese, Oreo Buttercream, Whipp'd Brown Sugar Buttercream, House Made Caramel, Freedom Chocolate Buttercream (V/GF), Freedom Vanilla Buttercream (V/GF)

Basic Cake Pricing:

4" - $45 (serves 6-8)

5" - $55 (serves 8-10)

6" - $65 (serves 10-12)

Basic Cupcake Pricing:

1 Dozen $59

2 Dozen $116

3 Dozen $171

Specialty Flavors:

Specialty Flavors require a minimum of 2 weeks notice.

Cake and/or Cupcakes:

Drunk Apple Pie* (spice cake, bourbon apple pie filling, whipp'd brown sugar bourbon buttercream), Island Dream* (vanilla cake, mango curd filling, whipp'd coconut buttercream), Strawberry Lemonade* (lemon cake, lemon curd filling, strawberry buttercream), Champagne Strawberry (champagne cake, strawberry buttercream), Breakfast In Bed (chocolate coffee and greek yogurt cake with whipp'd coffee buttercream)

*Fillings not available for smash cakes and mini cupcakes


Whipp'd Brown Sugar Bourbon, Whipp'd Coconut, Strawberry, Raspberry, Whipp'd Coffee


Fresh Fruit, Bourbon Apple Pie Filling, Mango Curd, Lemon Curd

Basic Cookie Pricing:

1 Dozen

2 Dozen

3 Dozen

For questions and/or a quote for custom designs, flavors, and more please fill out the form below. This includes cupcakes, cookies, cakes & cake pops.

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